1. Why Organise a Retreat?

This is step 1 in our 6 steps to organising a retreat. If you have ever thought about running your own retreat then read through all the steps and then contact us to discuss how we can help you.

1. Why Organise a Retreat?

Take a few moments to visualise your retreat, who is there, what does it look like, what are you doing? 

Be sure you know why you are organising the retreat, decide on your reasons or motivation from the beginning, this is important so you can always relate back to them and check if what you are doing is still inline with your initial goal. 

Examples of reasons are 

  • Be a practitioner – You love what you do and want to reach more people with your skills and knowledge.
  • Connect with students – Retreats provide far closer contact than daily/weekly sessions, think what you could achieve via multiple daily sessions? 
  • For Fun – You are looking for a challenge, have always wanted to see if you could run a retreat or perhaps you want to do something for your friends. 
  • Free Trip – You might just want to organise an event so you get to have a few days in the sun 
  • Make Money – This is a valid reason but should be combined with one of the above. Decide if you are looking for short term profit or if it is a long term business, this will impact how much money you aim to make from the first retreat you organise 

Are you a budding retreat organiser?

Retreat organisers stay at Casa Gaia for free with one friend. Visit us to see the venue for yourselves and plan your retreat. Details



This Page forms part of a guide to starting a retreat. 

Intro Page 

  1. Why Organise a Retreat?
  2. What Retreat Are You Organising?
  3. Where Should I host My Retreat? 
  4. Who Will Attend The Retreat?
  5. When Will The Retreat Be Held? 
  6. How Do I Organise The Retreat? 


Amazing Location

Isabel and Robin have created a great space for a retreat. I visited them in 2017 and plan to organise a retreat in 2018. They are very flexible and helpful and I am excited to be running a retreat at their villa. 


So Helpful

I have not organised a retreat before but often thought about it. I found the website information very useful and am keen to work with Casa Gaia. 


Isabel is a great organiser

I have known Issie for 20 years and been to many of her classes and can highly recommend working with her. I am a Yoga teacher and will be running a retreat at Casa Gaia with my students from London. The retreat can accommodate 8 people and that is a nice number for me to manage by myself.