4. Who Will Attend?

4. Who Will Attend?

Decide on your potential attendees, make a list of different types of groups that could be interested in your event and think about/discuss with some of them what they would be interested in. 

  • Current network – are you running classes/workshops and can ask the attendees. Are your friends interested?
  • Local studios/spaces – do you attend a class or know one in the local area and can discuss with teachers/trainers there? 
  • Online groups – find social media groups (e.g. Facebook Yoga enthusiasts) and ask them what they are interested in in general and what would interest them in a retreat. This will provide general information but is unlikely to lead to attendees. 

If you don’t have any of the above it will be harder to organise your retreat as you do not have an active audience, we suggest you start to network on a personal level to build interest. You can always support your network with marketing activities but it is important to have a base of people who will attend. 


Are you a budding retreat organiser?

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