3. Where Should I Host My Retreat? 

3. Where Should I Host My Retreat? 

We suggest Casa Gaia as it offers excellent facilities at a great price for organisers and is of course in the sun. This section should be answered in conjunction with section 4. Who will attend.

  • Which country – Do you want to keep it local, travel somewhere hot, choose a perfect studio space? 
  • Local amenities – Do you need to be near open water, near shops or be away from everything? 
  • On site amenities – How big does the facility need to be, do you need a large studio, kitchen or bedroom space? 




Amazing Location

Isabel and Robin have created a great space for a retreat. I visited them in 2017 and plan to organise a retreat in 2018. They are very flexible and helpful and I am excited to be running a retreat at their villa. 


So Helpful

I have not organised a retreat before but often thought about it. I found the website information very useful and am keen to work with Casa Gaia. 


Isabel is a great organiser

I have known Issie for 20 years and been to many of her classes and can highly recommend working with her. I am a Yoga teacher and will be running a retreat at Casa Gaia with my students from London. The retreat can accommodate 8 people and that is a nice number for me to manage by myself. 


Are you a budding retreat organiser?

Retreat organisers stay at Casa Gaia for free with one friend. Visit us to see the venue for yourselves and plan your retreat. Details



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  3. Where Should I host My Retreat? 
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