2. What Retreat Are You Organising? 

2. What Retreat Are You Organising? 

  • What is your experience? Are you a Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Silent Retreat professional or something similar? Great news if you are, if you are not then you will need to hire someone to run workshops during the day. 
  • What type of course are you running? You do not need an exact or complete calendar course at this point but you need to think about what will be included in general and who the audience could be. 

Are you a budding retreat organiser?

Retreat organisers stay at Casa Gaia for free with one friend. Visit us to see the venue for yourselves and plan your retreat. Details



This Page forms part of a guide to starting a retreat. 

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  1. Why Organise a Retreat?
  2. What Retreat Are You Organising?
  3. Where Should I host My Retreat? 
  4. Who Will Attend The Retreat?
  5. When Will The Retreat Be Held? 
  6. How Do I Organise The Retreat?