About Casa Gaia

Casa Gaia was started by Isabel Hilton-Medley and Robin Hilton as a space for retreat organisers to use. Their aim is to provide a multi purpose space that can be used for various types of retreats. They grow produce on site organically, engage with the local community and generally aim to support local and retreat societies. 


Amazing Location

Isabel and Robin have created a great space for a retreat. I visited them in 2017 and plan to organise a retreat in 2018. They are very flexible and helpful and I am excited to be running a retreat at their villa. 


So Helpful

I have not organised a retreat before but often thought about it. I found the website information very useful and am keen to work with Casa Gaia. 


Isabel is a great organiser

I have known Issie for 20 years and been to many of her classes and can highly recommend working with her. I am a Yoga teacher and will be running a retreat at Casa Gaia with my students from London. The retreat can accommodate 8 people and that is a nice number for me to manage by myself. 



The V Coming up the hill to the village of Lomba de Alveite for the first time we were immediately awestruck by the fabulous view across the pine, cork and eucalyptus forests in the foreground and through the V of an ancient volcanic, granite gorge towards the undulating hills beyond.

The south-west facing aspect of the sloping land on two and a half acres was ideal for the concept we had in mind. The tranquil setting and views helped us to envision our plans for a supportive space.

So we embarked on our transformation plan: a tasteful renovation of two old houses to create a light, airy, substantial house, adapted to provide our own living space as well as self-contained ‘retreat’ accommodation for groups of up to eight people. This would consist of a large, fully equipped kitchen/dining area, roomy bedrooms, an exercise studio, a large garden, pergolas, meditation space and more to come as we develop the project.

Why A Retreat?

To share our experience by creating a venue offering a totally restful ambience where individuals and small groups can bond together – reflect, meditate and…away from perhaps over-stressful lives…to grow closer to finding their own higher potentials and to take this awareness into their everyday lives.

Produce Used

produceOur organic allotment serves as the core for all meals. We offer salad, vegetables, potatoes as well as a variety of soft fruits along with some items purchased from the local markets – cheeses, fresh eggs and so forth! We will offer a ‘starter box’ of fresh produce along with a selection of red and white wines and some basic dry goods for groups of retreaters…after that you are on your own but don’t worry we’ll show you how to get to the local markets and shops!


Solar panels, ground water, water tank, home grown fruit & vegs. Sustainable. No pesticides